Intervention Programme

Intervention Programme

The programmes take 5-15 minutes a day over the course of approximately 12-14 months. Key elements of the programme include regularity, repetition and duration.

What does the Intervention Programme involve?

1. Initial Consultation
A phone-call to discuss the presenting problems, developmental history and suitability of the programme

2. Diagnostic Assessment and Home Programme

  • (a) Assessment of gross and fine motor co-ordination, balance, primitive and postural reflexes, eye movements and visual perception; (audiometric assessment if appropriate)
  • (b) Selection and demonstration of exercises for use at home or sound therapy programme.
  • (c) Reviews; carried out at 6-8 weekly intervals to assess progress and adjust the exercise and/or sound therapy programme.
  • (d) Exercises from additional therapies including Bilateral Integration

What does the Johansen Sound Therapy Programme Involve?

1. Initial consultation and assessment
Initial assessment includes gathering background information, the use of checklists, diachotic testing and audiometry as appropriate for the age and abilities of the individual
2. Home programme

  • (a) Selection of CDs for use at home and guidance as to how to set up the home programme.
  • (b) Reviews; carried out at 3-10 week intervals depending on the age and needs of the client to assess progress and to adjust the sound therapy programme

The programme involves listening to specially recorded music for ten minutes a day for approximately 9-12 months.

Her reading has improved immensely; she is reading much more difficult books and has developed more of an interest in reading. She is more involved in what is going on at home and is more interested in the world around her. She doesn’t daydream like she used to. She joins in more games with her friends and classmates rather than doing things on her own. Her confidence has improved and she is a lot more willing to give things a go!

Mother of 9 year old girl (4 months into the programme).

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