About Ennis Neuro Developmental Therapies

About Ennis Neuro Developmental Therapies

Aoife Caulfield and Judy Breen are both Primary School Teachers and Therapists. They are practitioners of the INPP Reflex Movement Programme developed by Peter and Sally Blythe. They also offer other therapies including Johansen Auditory Stimulation Therapy. These therapeutic programmes greatly enhance a child’s social, emotional and cognitive development.

The developer, Sally Goddard Blythe (INPP) states “Readiness for school requires much more than a child simply reaching the chronological age for school entry” (2018). ‘The presence or absence of certain primitive reflexes and postural reactions at certain key stages in a child’s development provides signposts of maturity in the functioning of the central nervous system. These reflexes and/or postural reactions can be associated with a variety of neuro-developmental problems and specific learning difficulties’.

Underpinning the Neuro Developmental work is the theory that children need to develop physical tools for learning readiness. They need balance and coordination for focusing and writing, eye control for tracking and reading as well as adequate listening skills to succeed in the school environment. These physical skills are crucial to enable a child to reach his own potential. Any gap in early development may hinder the child’s progress. The main premise of this work is that early childhood stages can be replicated to give the brain a ‘second chance’ to develop.

Collaboratively, Aoife and Judy run a private clinic, Ennis Neuro-Developmental Therapies. They also provide teacher training in Education Centres throughout Ireland for class-based interventions.


  • Bachelor of Education
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Special Education
  • BSc Psychology
  • Diploma in Psychology of Counselling
  • Post Graduate Qualification in Neuro Developmental Therapy (INPP)
  • Sound Therapy (JIAS)

In our clinic we offer a detailed assessment and neuro developmental Interventions incorporating movement and sound therapies.

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